UK:ID (DnB metal)
Pierrot the Acid Clown (DJ)
Nightjar (rock)

Pandamonium (blues)
Die Kur (industrial metal)


V2A (industrial)
These Septic Stars (rap metal)
Deadbeat at Dawn (ska punk)
Rebel Station (punk)
A/M (rock)
Mugenkyo Taiko


Sulpher (industrial)
Cadence Noir (goth folk)
Dogmattics (punk)
Spreading the Disease (metal)

The Visitors (punk)
Bloodshot (metal)

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UK:ID “A blistering, high energy, drum and bass meets rock track which also proves politics and music do still mix.” – Louder Than War

Nightjar: Nightjar are a young, female fronted, Buckinghamshire-based trio who mainly play originals in their unique fusion of hard rock, goth and grunge. The band consists of vocalist/bassist, Alex Read, guitarist Luke Page and drummer Luc Pomfret. Alex and Luke have known each other since the age of 7 and Luc and Luke got to know each other through art class at school. Eventually the three started making music together and formed as a band in late 2016.

V2A: In a world of Fire and Blood – V2A are walking the sandy roads of the Wastelands. V2A is a German/British Post-Apocalyptic project who conquered dancefloors of clubs with their unique sound between EBM, Industrial and Techno worldwide since 2002.

Rebel Station: Three Piece Rebel Station are a high energy, Punk Rock n Roll band, electrifying stages across the country, playing original songs at a frenetic pace. Dual lead vocals and mosh pit inducing, 4/4 tempos, ensure the band leave punters wanting more wherever they play.

Dogmattics: The Dogmattics, 4 piece high energy, New Wave, Alternative covers band playing classic songs from the likes of Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash, and The Stranglers through to New Wave classics from Motorhead, Greenday, Blur, Adam Ant, KOL, Blink 182, The Offspring, The Vapours and even The Monkeys. There’s something for everyone, so come pogo to the classics or dance away to those New Wave tunes. The Dogmattics are sure to leave you wanting more! Come join us for a journey back to the hey day of punk and beyond.

A/M: Bringing thick groovy riffs, hard hitting vocals and thundering drums, we are proud to welcome local two-piece A / M to the stage. Don’t miss them!

These Septic Stars: These Septic Stars are an experimental alternative 5 piece homegrown on the south coast of the United Kingdom. The 5 endeavour to create fusions of sound in their songwriting, sometimes being compared to the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Primus, Incubus and Limp Bizkit.

Spreading the Disease: Spreading the disease are a modern metal band, the baby of “Steve Saunders” ex bassist of “The Self titled”. The band is based in KENT. UK. Born in late 2014.

Sulpher: After nearly a decade touring the planet as members of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Curve’s live band, Sulpher has regrouped to commit another sonic assault on the nation’s music venues. The four-piece, voted ‘Best British Heavy Metal Band’ by Metal Hammer magazine and who previously played to 14,000 fans a night in support of Manson.

DeadBeat at Dawn: The world’s most unprofessional punk band, flag bearers for 0605 Records, Thirsks best looking boy band, “oh, not those guys”… DeadBeat At Dawn have been called a lot of things. Founded way back in 2006, out of the ashes of Mafia vs Ninja and BossEye, this group of long time friends continue to craft their eclectic mix of punk rock, ska, rap and pop, with a heavy influence of cult horror and action films, batshit conspiracy theories and stupid in jokes.

Cadence Noir: Frequently compared to…well, whatever band in the listener’s immediate frame of reference has a violin, Cadence Noir’s place in the musical landscape is hard to agree on for those who love to pigeonhole their rock and metal, but is probably somewhere Celtic or Transatlantic, belying their East Midlands roots. Whether delivering their ferocious full set or the only slightly gentler acoustic version, you might not come away entirely sure what you just saw, but you will remember us. Hell, you might even like it.

The Visitors: Formed in 2014 The VISITORS play a lively mix of original material and new wave/rock/punk covers including the Damned, Stranglers, Dead Kennedys through to Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, and Arthur Brown.

Bloodshot: Bloodshot are a 5 piece metal band from Oxford in the UK. Utilising a number of different genres of metal into their music, they aim to deliver music that they are sure will get your head moving; playing alongside acts such as KING 810, A Trust Unclean and Osiah, Bloodshot have achieved this… See for yourself on a number of streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon music, iTunes and more!

Die Kur: A long journey with over 20 singles released, Die Kur’s music combines heavy down-tuned guitars and unconventional rhythms with a unique sense of melody and experimentation created with unconventional sounds alongside traditional instruments. Die Kur are known for a very energetic live show and have played with several legendary bands, such as: Mortiis, The Young Gods, The Birthday Massacre, Die Krupps, UK Decay, Breed 77, Aesthetic Perfection, AngelSpit, Beholder, Bloody Mary and many more and have performed at festivals such as Renaissance Alternative Music Festival, Dark 7 Festival, Whitby Gothic Weekend.

Pierrot the Acid Clown: FULL blown acid techno, 303 ridden madness. expect breaks beats 303’s , 808’s and 909’s and a window into the world of clown life. rave dance techno acid techno fet, fetish, whips chains, messing about, comedy, live performance, performance art, acid, acid riff, tb303, tekno, techno

Captain Kuppa T and the Zeppelin Crew: Steampunk acapella act extraordinary: captain & crew deliver a blend of upbeat and amusing twists on popular classics form 80s to doowop to chap hop parody

Shelly D’Inferno: Fire performer

Ethereal Performances:

Ethereal Performance will be providing a whole cacophony of entertainment for the duration of the festival, including fire performances, aerial performances, and a crow-fisher stilt walker!

Promotional video:

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers:

With over 1,000 performances across the UK & Europe since 1994, Mugenkyo have established a solid reputation for their gritty passionate style, setting themselves firmly at the forefront of Taiko drumming on this continent through their rigorous touring.

Promotional video:

KFD Manchester: KDF Manchester will once again be setting up a post-apocalyptic battle field in the arena for your viewing pleasure! Featuring full contact HEMA sword fighting, LARP-based battles, and full flaming sword fighting…not to be missed!