Born in 2017, the festival’s origins hark back to a frustration of spending hours building vehicles, costumes and props with no platform to show off the creations.

The first show was set late in the year in September at a disused airfield in Buckinghamshire bought together a group of around 200 alternative festival seekers.

With a few live bands and DJ set up it was primarily a base to organise a 50 mile road run with people from all across the UK attending. Approximately 30 vehicles were involved with others being created strictly for the show as mobile props. A dress code was required, but, perhaps, not as strict as other festivals, allowing for some diverse interpretations.

The road run itself was an incredible spectacle with cars being flanked by outriders during various stages of the journey. It incorporated a 15 mile stretch of dual carriageway where the outriders calmed traffic to the rear making a solid block of themed post apocalyptic vehicles that were a film and photography bonanza. 

The 2018 festival moved location to a much bigger site and with access to build four months before the weekend which gave us the opportunity to create an incredible mini village with stalls, chill out areas, games rooms and a visual extravaganza of sets filled with all manner of props. Keeping everything within the boundaries of the event fully themed. An incredible stage was brought in by an equally passionate individual which helped with the whole feel of the place. Our resident post apocalyptic working Grant rat tank was in residence again providing a most spectacular back drop. 

The 2019 festival is set to become bigger and better than it’s predecessor with the addition of some incredible performances. It is now on for an additional day with bands running into Sunday evening too and close of play not being until Monday morning and tickets being available for early camping from Thursday evening. 

The site is in constant evolution as a work in progress and predominantly wooden structure and has been used for other events throughout the year including Halloween scare walks. This means that when you come back for 2019 that it will not look the same as it did in 2018. It will have new secrets to find, new alleyways. new rooms and new fun.

Apocalypticus is about embracing what it is like to be in the UK when the SHTF. How will you cope? Can you survive a truly British apocalypse?