Welcome to Apocalypticus, Road to Ruin. 

The world ended in style again this year, and it’s happening again next July 19th-22nd.

UK:ID headlining on Friday night and V2A on Saturday – Sunday headliner tbc. 

Get your tickets now 

Do you have an apocalypse road vehicle? If so you may be eligible for a reduced rate entry ticket for the driver/rider if you enter it into the show. Send us an email to info@apocalypticus.com with and image of you and your vehicle and some information about it.

Are you part of a tribe? If you can prove you are part of a real tribe of over 10 people then send us a photograph of you all in your gear and tell us about yourselves. Who are you, what is your backstory, show us your tribal symbol. There may be reduced rate tickets up for grabs… and special reserved camping space!

“It’s a truly British Apocalypse!”